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Our Blog Has Moved!


As was always our intention, the English Department blog has finally made the leap to living full time on the English Department’s website. Please join us there for the most current news, faculty profiles, notes from the chair, alumni profiles, Humans of Eddy posts, event info, and more.

Fall 2014 English Department Communications Internship

The English Department is looking for two new communication interns for Fall semester. We are going to be so sad to see Brianna and Evelyn go. They have done such great work helping us to tell our story and will continue to do so until the end of the semester. And yet, we know that CSU is full of equally talented and personable students, and are confident the right ones will find us, again. Could it be you?

Fall 2014 English Department Communications Internship
Number of positions: 2
Internship term: Fall 2014 Semester, 15 weeks, August 25th – December 12th, 2014
Total credits: 2
Hours: 80 hours (40 per credit hour), approximately 5 per week
Stipend: $250.00
Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 7th by 5:00 p.m.

The English Department is looking for two engaged, self-motivated, responsible, creative, and enthusiastic CSU students, undergraduate or graduate, with good communication and writing skills to help tell the story of the English Department. The interns in this position will help facilitate communication and community with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the English Department.

Interns will spend most of their time researching, interviewing, attending events, writing, and developing content — both for print and online. A major responsibility of this internship will be creating content for the department’s blog, https://englishcsu.wordpress.com/. Interns will work directly with the English department’s Communications Coordinator to meet departmental communication needs and complete various content development projects as assigned, including but not limited to creating profiles of people (alumni, faculty & staff, students), programs and projects; conducting interviews; providing event coverage (which would include attendance and photos, along with other modes of recording where relevant); and reporting departmental news and upcoming events.

For these internship positions, some prior reporting or blogging experience and/or education is preferred, as well as an understanding of principles for writing for the web and strong communication skills, both in person and in text. We also prefer applicants who are familiar with the English Department, its programs, people, and events – and who are willing to learn more. Content will be developed in various modes, and therefore skill with technologies such as sound recording and photography, as well as image and sound editing experience is preferred. We are also looking for interns with good people skills, the ability to participate in effective verbal and written exchanges, understanding that as they attend events and conduct interviews and such, they are acting as a “goodwill ambassador” for the department.

Applicants should email or bring a cover letter, résumé, contact information for three references (phone and email), and three writing samples (plus multimedia samples, if applicable) by the application deadline to:

English Department
c/o Jill Salahub: Communications Coordinator
359 Eddy Hall
1773 Campus Delivery
Ft. Collins, CO 80523-1773

Please note: If you hope to earn internship credits through the English Department (E487A & B and E687A-M), for this appointment, the basic criteria are:

  • Must be a CSU English major or minor with junior or senior standing, or a graduate student in one of the English Department programs.
  • Must have completed all lower-division English & communication skills requirements (undergraduates).
  • Undergraduates must have minimum cumulative GPAs of 2.6 and minimum English/Writing GPAs of 3.0. They must have completed CO300 or CO301 with an A or a B. Graduate students must have minimum cumulative GPAs of 3.0.
  • Must have academic advisor’s and internship coordinator’s approval, with required documents signed by intern, internship supervisor, and internship coordinator.

Notes from the Chair


Hello! My name is Louann Reid. I have been department chair since 2011 and a faculty member at CSU for 20 years. I am thrilled that we are launching this department-wide blog. In it we can showcase the people, programs, and publications that are the life and shape of our vibrant and diverse department.  We hope that alumni, faculty, and both current and potential students will find much of interest here.

Under the editorship of Jill Salahub, posts from our communications interns and others, and feedback from you, the readers, this blog will become a virtual community of readers, writers, and thinkers who are passionate about all that English studies offers. In my posts, I will highlight department news or comment on relevant topics circulating on the Internet or on social media. Sometimes, like today, I will share a favorite text. This is one of my favorite poems by CSU Professor Emeritus Mary Crow and comes from her collection, Borders.

Hard Things: Colorado

Home: Goat mountain, frozen hillside,
shale rubble on the slope
where I struggled to climb
against the slipping and slippery
scrim up to the small caves,
lairs of mountain lions, or old graves
full of fine dark dust.

I used to drive home, feeling the weight
lift off my shoulders mile after mile.
Friends asked how I could bear
living so far out, but I loved
driving toward the light, turning into the gate,
the dog and horses racing to greet me,
the sound of the river pounding against
my ego, my pitiless self.